10 november 2014

This project provided further experience of the design process through the improvised restructuring of a complex garment – a tailored jacket. The  whole process  was very interesting and  exiting because we  had to create absolutely new  shape from the  simple  mould.  It means that we couldn't develop our jacket or think out a new variation of it, only extraordinary ideas, silhouettes and shapes.

We started to  work in  a  couples, trying to consist our jackets together. Those experiments were very helpful, because during the  process i got  a  lot  of  drafts ideas and  understood what i  want to create with my piece and what silhouette i can  zap. I  was  trying  to  take as  much pictures  as  possible for  my  future research in a sketchbook, wherethough it's always helpful to organize your  ideas in  a  simple  way.  Clear pictures  is always a  good variant to work with.

After lunch we  got  enough time to work separately with  our pieces. I  bought my  jacket in second hand market. It  was a  man's exemplar Xl size made of dark purple velvet with a  black laces on the breast. That interesting facture, choosing materials, color and silhouette reminded me a  gothic style, that is  why  i  bought it very easily, because anyway i  can  wearing it  in  a  future. 

I am delighting with gothic for  a  long time, because of womanly image, elegant lines, delicacy of silhouette and a  soft, beautiful fabrics. It's a  good chose for  everyone  who likes black color as  well. From the  beginning i enjoyed playing with facture and shapes, but everything what  i have  done was beautiful, wearable and ordinary, so  teacher  told me to play more and find a  new  ways of  working with jacket, because she  wanted to  see crazy ideas and  absolutely new images! 

It  was my  first  time  of  constructing so i  felt clueless about process. Anyway it's a  new  reason to have a  huge  research  at  home. I  need to stop to  be  afraid about being crazy in  my experiments and  start to  do  something extraordinary.


11 november 2014

The second  day of  the fashion project was quiet harder because we had a  new tutor who gave absolutely different task about our jackets. If at  the  first  day we  could create a skirt, dress or  any likable silhouettes but  the  jacket, so todays plan  was to create absolutely new shape which wouldn't remind you of any different clothes. 

Today we  didn't have enough mannequins, in that  case i  was working in  my sketchbook during  the  whole lesson. I  was trying to understand and  develop my observation drawings and  fashion illustrations. I made an attempt to draw with  the  colors and specific technique which i had never tried before. Firstly it  was  hard and obscuredly, but when i saw other sketchbooks with  a  really  strong  examples i started practice very carefully and had a  good outcome in  the  end  of  the lesson.

Afterwards, when everybody finished their works and  went home, i found a free manikin and  started work with my jacket. Teacher told  us today to use a  second material, which  could  be  fabric, object and  everything  we  want, so i picked a  lot  of tights and  toy  filling to  made  something extraordinary and strange. I was inspired by human bejesus, when i  suddenly saw  them in a  medical book. The shape was  so  flexible and  interesting, so  i  started to draw it  in  my  sketchbook. At  the  same  time i liked the  color and  a  soft structure of  it.   

My work started with a  tamp  process. I stowed toy filling of 7 pair of  tights and then continue work with  the  final  shape. I  had  a  lot  of  experiments with my  jacket before  so  now  it  was  important  to  mix  a  new  material and another outcome.  After 2 hours of brain storming with chosen materials  i  got enough drafts to  work with. So i  began sewing all pieces i  had already done.  And then paling with them again and  again. 

It  was  a  very  hard  day. I went home at 22:00, and decided to work tomorrow and sewing everything  with my outcome. 


12 november 2014

Today we  didn't have an official lessons, so  i  came early to university, found a manikin and continue my  work with materials. Everything was completely ready but i didn't know how to sewing all the   staff  correctly in case if i'd like to wearing it in  a  future, because i  had a  really beautiful shape which reminded me a  part of  dress, but there  was  no shoulder loop to sewing with, so i started to  work with  a  sport skirt which can be a beautiful neck accessorize. It  was gray color made  of  cotton, and i liked the material which was  very flexible and useable. 

It tooks me about 2 hours to find a  final shape and sewing  everything together, but when i finished  my "shoulder loops" i decided to start from the  top, because that gray neck accessorize was looking much  better separately and  it  looked very differently with my outcome, like absolutely opposite styles and materials on one piece. So i played again with  the  silhouette of  my  future  dress. 

That black parts which  looks  like a black sausages was useless for  me  yesterday and  i  couldn't mix it with  the  dress, but  today with a  fresh view i got minimum 4 ideas how  to  use  them.  Teacher told  me that everything what i've done is beautiful, accurate and symmetrical,  and i  need to  move away from  it. That is  why the  whole  day  i  was  trying  to  understand and  to find an asymmetrical form. 


13 november 2014

Final day of our project. I had already finished my piece, which was on  time, because we didn't have any possibility  to change something or develop. Teacher gave us a new task, to create a fabric samples. We had about 3 hours for this  process, i thought  it's enough time to understand what you want to  make, but for me everything was at the  first  time, so during 1  hour i  was very slowly and after 4  samples understood that it's more  interesting  to  create a  collage, because it was something i  knew and not as  difficult as fabric samples. Anyway we could play with techniques and created any image we  want, by using collage, photo, sewing or something ells. 

That  is  why i started to work with magazines. Cut the  most interesting pictures with strange photos of fabric and  people, and during the  whole lesson mixing them together in different ways. I chose only photos, because for  me  it  always looks better when you trying to create a collage with quality images, not the small pieces of advertising.  

If i have  more time i will organize a  photo shooting of  my final outcome. Find a  model, do  the  make-up, find a  style and  create a  new visualization of my project. Because it's  always look more expansive if you are doing the whole  project with everything included. 



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