3  november 2014.


I  chose 3D as a main project for  this week. First  of  all because i  like to work by  my  hands and give a  smooth finish for everything and secondly because i have never  tried to do  the  real sculpture before, so the idea "to  go  out" of  the  comfort zone sounds excitedly. We didn't have  a  special  task or rules, just a  few hours for  our  first sculpture. I didn't think to  much  about materials, everything became clear when i saw a piece of  acrylic plastic on the  table. Teacher showed how to use it  before and explain the main features, which i found very interesting and  helpful. I sharply got an  idea to do my  first sculpture with plastic material, because i can practice to work with a  new  technique and have a  challenge with myself. 

I always  like  to  work  with  a  human  body in  a  reason of  it's  silken shape without any arrises. And it's interesting to develop and  create something  new according to women's bodies. How the  new  form or  technique can change in  a  different ways something habitude. I started my  research with the  sculptures made of  'Aluminum Wire' and simple 'Wire' of the famous sculptors Seo Young Deok’s and Seung Mo Park.  

Their human sculptures inspired me to think in  different way and don't  try to  copy the  real structure of the  skin. Besides i  understood that i  want  to do only  the  half  of  the  body, because i don't have  enough materials and time  to  do something  huge. I was  thinking about  foil  too, so i  can  use  the  reflection of  the  light and  play easily with  the form, furthermore foil looks  like  a  metal or  aluminum as in Seung Mo  Park's  works, which can  be presentably. 

1.1 Seo Young Deok’s  (left) sculptures capture is the anxieties of the modern human and especially the anxieties of the younger generation. 

Seung Mo Park (right) reated these amazing crafted figurative wire sculptures made with tightly wrapped layers of aluminum wires. His each sculptures in his Human series of sculptures presents a realistic human body including hair, wrinkles and cloth folds. Each piece of his wire sculpture is uniformly composed by aluminium wires.

Through my work, i want  to expose today’s reality with all its problems and pitfalls. But how  can i  do  this, using only piece of  plastic?

I started to  work with  the  shape of  the  body. This sculpture wouldn't have a  gender class, so  every  person can wearing it and  see  through  their life and experience. I wanted to  make the  shape very  simple, but recognizable, because after small research i  understood that  people like something crazy, but  they wouldn't buy it or  have a  wish to see it  again, then something simple, tidy and minimalistic will catch the  attention.


1.4 Process.

4 november 2014


Today started from different task. In group of 4 we were trying to create a  sculpture according  to  the  "covering" technique, which  was  very stressful because of limited time. After the brainstorming we ventured to  go  downstairs and play with the light and projector, because 'shadow' is  about hiding the  real  object, so dark or  light  can  cover the  body and  made the  specific shape on  the  wall. We picked vinyl bag with us  just  in  case 

In the  beginning  everything was indefinitely, we  got  only projector, iPad, vinyl bag, very small white room and no idea how  to  mix  it, so we concluded  to get as much experiments as possible and after choose a  final piece. We started with the  "light experiments", where someone stood along the wall and other project the light on  him. Then one girl from our team clothed a vinyl bag, thuswise she can see projecting details inside of the bag.

Everything what we projected to the wall was easy and clearly to see inside of the  bag, that's why we decided to translate a  BBC  news or youtube videos about war, so all people  who will wearing this  vinyl bag will see terrible pictures of  nowadays reality and  feel captivity at the  same  time. The main idea that 'You can  see horrible things in  the  world, but  you  can't do  anything, because you  are prisoner of  this  system'. 

When  it was last 15 minutes, we found another way of using covering technique. We translated the  white light  on  the  wall so  that you  can see only body silhouette and black shadow. The  girl from our team stent very close to projector so i can take a video of the  process. It was  small performance, she was trying to break forth from the vinyl bag, as a symbol of 'freedom', other words 'you  are  not the  prisoner of  the  system and  can run out when ever you  want'. 

1.1 Process of brain storming

1.3 Final piece 

1.5 Final piece

In this project i was  trying  to  reflect such  a serious topic as  "LOVE" . This sculpture has no female gender so it could be anyone, doesn't meter man or woman. When you love someone you  are starting  blossom  like a  flower under the sun (so  now  its clearly to understand  the  meaning  of  the  "flower" body), then you open your soul and show the heartfelt feelings which are clean and clear. Loving person feels more and less analyze, their thoughts are honest to God, that is why the "face" of this body is translucent. 

But as more  you  love, as weaker become, it symbolize the hole in  the  center (which is heart in  my  mind).  I  think that vulnerable spot of  every human is  heart... Anyway you are very strong if  someone loves you and  very weak if only you fall in  love, so i hope that in this  sculpture everyone will see something close to their mood and  mind, because it seems to happen with everyone.


In conclusion i  want  to  say, that if  i  had more time i will try to  work with different material, maybe  with glass or wood, because it's really easy to break my final work, foil is  not very strong material and i  understood that it's  better to  use  it for  drafts not  for final work. You  have  to  be  very  accurate and  attentive otherwise you will destroy everything and it's hard to glue the levels because of it's sandy foundation, so next time only durable base!!!! 


6  november 2014


Yesterday, during 3 D workshop tutorial, i saw lots of new materials which can  be  useful for  the  future projects. Teacher showed different kinds of  using working machines, it  was very helpful to discover a  new  techniques of  acrylic cutting, because i really want to continue developing my skills in it.

I've already done at  home a  huge  research about 'acrylic' in high fashion and was amazed about big and active market. It was surpassingly  for  me to find so much information and pictures of the  famous jewelry artists and  their works. In fact acrylic is very popular nowadays, and i  think it  could  be value to try it and use in today's  project. 

I went to  the university workshop and tried to  find an  interesting color for  my future jewelry. I  fall in  love with the  red neon  color (it looked so defiantly and bright), so i  bought it and started drawing and  analyzing character sketches which came in  my  mind. The  first what i  saw was the Italian flower "omelia", which looks like rose, but different at  the  same  time. I found the  picture of  "omelia" in  internet and  was very inspired by that nature wonderful creation, so  i  started to sketch different ideas and  shapes in  my  sketch  book. 

The  working  process was  very interesting, but  i  did everything at  the  first  time, so before making the final piece i  got a  lot  of  drafts. First of  all i thought about acrylic sculpture of  the  flower, but then decided that it's very simple afterwords starting to  think about accessorize. I'v got  and  idea to  make a head accessorize, then a  hat, but i  didn't have  enough time  for  everything, so the goal to create and make a jewelry seemed very lucky. 

After quick brain storming and outline drawings i started to work with acrylic plastic. I've got an  idea to  create 3 leveled accessorize which can transform and be wearied separate as well. 

The whole process was very interesting and exiting, every minute i  got  a  new  model which  i  can develop and  change just by using a Fan Circulated Oven. Because when acrylic is warm you can make with  it  any  form  you  want. 

1.2 Process

1.2 Acrylic accessorize in high fashion 

What is ACRYLIC?

Acrylic is a clear plastic that closely resembles glass but has many advantages, making it in excellent substitute in many applications.

Compared to glass, acrylic is:

  • Lighter in weight by half
  • Stronger and more impact resistant
  • Offers better insulating properties
  • More transparent

Acrylic does have two main disadvantages compared to glass: it’s more expensive and it can melt and burn if exposed to a direct flame. Because it doesn’t transfer heat well, special care needs to be taken when working with acrylic to avoid creating heat, which may cause stress that can lead to crazing.

1.3 Antony Gormley is best known for his works that utilize casts of his own body, explored the body as a place rather than an object. His works always takes us into a new zone of structural complexity while at the same time evoking the body as an open space of possibility connected with the earth as well as space at large.

1.5 Final piece 

Today  i  didn't have  much  time  for  my  project, because i waste a  lot  of  time trying  to  understand how cut my shape very  gentle. Besides  for  this  project i learnt a  lot about technique side of cutting. Acrylic comes with a protective masking on both sides. So i  need  to  keep the masking on for as long as possible throughout the fabrication process to protect the finish. I found several ways to cut acrylic. One method is to use a table saw, preferably with a carbide-type blade with 10 teeth per inch. Acrylic can also be cut with a CNR router, a CO2 laser or a water jet. Each cutting method can create a different edge finish. I  can  choose a saw blade that is designed for cutting acrylic. The blade’s teeth should be fine, of the same height, evenly spaced, with little or no set.

I hope that tomorrow i will finish my idea with a  human  body  and  finally use the  foil as  a  main material, so  the  glass  shape could  be  a  good  base. And of course i  need to  do my home  research about different  styles, structures and ideas  of  famous sculptors. 

1.2 "Covering" in fashion


After the quick experiment with "covering" technique i progress to  work with  my  first  project from yesterday lesson. I got  a  new research about materials for my glassy sculpture and decided to use a  foil, because i didn't have ability to  work in  a workshop and use metal or aluminium and foil is chipper and  looks  very similar, especially  on photos.

I was inspired by Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park who created an amazing crafted figurative wire sculptures made with tightly wrapped layers of aluminum wires. His each sculptures in his Human series of sculptures presents a realistic human body including hair, wrinkles and cloth folds, which catch my attention. I  like to work  with  the  structure of  the small details and have experiments with reflection, so his aluminum sculptures inspired me  to  work  with the  foil. 

By the  way i found another artist, who gave an  idea about future shape of my sculpture - Gavin Worth and  her Kaleidoscopic-Paper-Sculptures. The  most beautiful for  me  was her "flower" artwork, i liked the labyrinth shape, which looks like a funnel and it looks very beautiful with lots of colors. 

1.3 Kaleidoscopic-Paper-Sculptures by Gavin Worth’s

It  was unusual  to  create a  body shape by using  foil, but material was  very comfort to  use and  i  didn't have any  serious problems with  it. When i  started create an outline of the  body i didn't recognize what  it  could  be, everything became clear when i finished my experiments. 

1.4 Process

1.6 Gavin Worth's wire sculpture

1.1 Accessorize  made of acrylic plastic

1.3 Necklace transformer

1.4  Final piece 


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