11 september 2014

The  fist  day  in CSM! Everybody  was  very  excited  about new  group, new people and  ofcourse the  project. The  first task was LIBRARY RESEARCH.  We were put into a group of six and work based on Practitioner, Material and Process that’s been given. In our group we had: Es Devlin, Light and Cut. Teacher told that we need to make a deep research on our topics in order to be able to put them together to create a product. Language problem and different teaching methods  made this  process hard for  me, i  had  to check back  all information  and be  positive about misunderstood, because you have  no  time  for  panic. When we started the brainstorming, i found out it's interesting for me to think of an idea quickly and discover a  new  useful way  of thinking. After 30 minets we gathered all our thoughts and put down our ideas and related key words on our diagrams.

12  september 2014

Today we  didn't  have  anything  special, only university session and  meeting with very inspiring person LEO, who told me that there is  degree of possibility that i can create a make-up workshop for students of  CSM and especially for PDP. Sounds good!!!

I really had  an  energy to  start my  reaserch but  there is  no internet in  my house now, so  i  went to CSM Library with  my  friend's group just  in  case. Everybody was very helpful and open-minded, after 10 minets of being there, i understood everithing and started work. Create a  workflow account and print everithing i  need. 

During the  day i  was trying to  make  a  pictures of  everything which can  be  useful in  my  project. That  is  why you can see a  lot  of materials (all of  them  you  can  see in  "Materials" File). 

13  september 2014

Today is  a  Satuday!!!

Thank God i had enough time before  library reseach, which  will  be  on  monday! I got  a  lot  of  plans for this  weekend, firstly i went  to  Victoria & Albert museum which helped me to see different sides of the  world culture! It's really  good  place  for every  student who  want to  study in privacy, very noble edifice but got a very cozi garden and beautiful modern fountain in  the  middle. You can  drawing outside, or practise with  someone else inside. Secondly i  want  to  continue my  "material" & "process" reseach while i  don't  have  an  internet at  home. 

About 1510-15
Workshop of Andrea della Robbia (1435-1525)
Italy, Florence.

14  september 2014 

Resting day. 

I went with my friend to the Tower Bridge, because she  have never  been  there, but to my great surprise we found an amazing installation of ceramic poppies around the castle. But most  off all i liked discription of  this  object:

"This evolving art installation is filling the Tower moat with 888,246 hand-made ceramic poppies. Each one represents a British military death during the First World War, which broke out 100 years ago. The  last poppy will be planted on 11 November."

15  september 2014

Today was more of a self directed library session that we had with our groups. We did the research task in  CSM  Library about Es Delvin as our practicioner, light as a material and cutting as a process. It  was  quiet difficult and  wearing process, but  i  found interesting to see different  kinds  of  books of unknown (for  me) artists, discovered a  new  styles and  techniques, which  can be  useful for  my projects. 

As my second library I went to LCF because there are  a  lot  of  books about cutting, fashion  and  perfomance. I  really want to  open a  quastion about paper cut, because  it  can  be interesting to  mix  a  cutting  paper, or  another cutting  material  with  the  light. 

While  a  was in LCF, got  a  time  for  visiting "SIMON COSTIN'S IMPOSSIBLE CATWALK SHOWS".

In a series of model sets, Costin has chosen real and imagined spaces to stage his  fantastical and innovative presentation  ideas: from a disusednuclear power station to a cardboard forest. I  got  a lot  of  useful materials for  my work and  did  pictures  and  video just  in  case. I  don't want  to  show  everything, only  the  most interesting  for  me.

Found an  information about  perfomanse and  stage  art. Now  i  begin  to  understand how  is  important to  do  the research. I really enjoy the  process and  like  to  find  something  absolutelly new. All books  which  i  read  in LCF  library open to  me  a  new opportunities!!!  

16 september 2014 

Our task today was to generate 30 concepts from our research; associating our selected process, practisioner and material, than shose only 3 for descrybing and in  the  end  only  1  for the  new personal project. I  was  thinking  too much and  didn't understand the  task from  the  first time, so  i  made  only  one  idea and  everything  finished only  at  home  in  my  A3 sketchbook. 

17  september 2014 

During  the  day  was  trying  to find  something  new  about  installations made  of  light  and cutting  techniques. Found very  interesting  to  listen  to an  interview of famous artists, the  planning and  directing skills  of  their  works, teamworks, creating  an ideas and  so  on. Good  to  know  how they  started  their  way and  what  they  can  say for the  freshess...


Understood that i  really want  to  try  made  something with  the  paper or with sculptures... 

18 september 2014

Made  the  first trying  of  paper cutting without any drafts. I was astonished at the process, it  was  very enjoyable, i  think  i  got  a  new  hooby!!! In  this  work  i  was  trying to hit  off  a sunflower  with the  cutting  technique. The  small holes make a  beautiful pattern of  the light, so  in  the  future  it  could  be  the  3DD lamp or  something  like  that.

In  the afternoon  the  whole group went  to the CSM gallery to see the  students exhibition. The place was partisioned of 2  sections. One group of  projects in the  first  section explored what happens when designers collaborate with  people, or  use methods, from other disciplines. The  other  group showed how, by expanding one's horizons, designs become culturally and materially hybrid. In all cases, once design escapes it's self-defined boundaries, it finds new potential. 

I can't say that  i  really understood the main  ideas of the  works on exhibition. Everything was so mess and strange, it  was  hard  to  understood  what the  artist  wanted  to say  about his  work, sculpture or installation. I  didn't find useful stuff for  everyday living, most of  projects was  about reseaching. Maybe i  don't understand the  modern  art, but  in  my  mind if  people had a  quastions after watching it  means that an  idea  got a drawback...

But it's easy  to  speak about  others work, i  need  to  think  about  mine.... I  descovered a  new  technique for  me - "paper  cutting", so  i  want  to  develop  it and use  in  the  future projects. And i  was thinking  about  nature... maybe  i  need  to  reseach  this  quastion and  add it  to my work  too...

21  september 2014 

Got  a  time  for  my gallery and  museum reseach. Went to  the Camden Arts Center to  find  an  interesting  information  about modern  ways in  arts and pictures for inspiration and  my  new  projects. There was 3  galleries with different kinds of sculptures (of  ceramic dishes), installations  on  the  floor, scetches and  drufts made of  fusain and pens and  so  on.

I found everything very useful, especially installations  with dried fruets and  flowers  mixed with  thread and  gold  papers. I liked the  idea of herbals and installation in  the garden made of  grass and glass... i  want  to develop  these  ideas  and  use for  my  sketchbook. 

22 septemder 2014

Today was  very interesting  task "POETIC CARDBOARD PROJECT OUTLINE". We worked in  a  group of 3, developing a  visual language that expressed the conseptual idea of  the  combined words in  the  most powerfuland memorable way using the  medium of photography. Our  group shose "Social Projection", so  we was  trying  to  speack about nowadays problems, considered with networks (instagram, internet, phones, facebook  and  so  on). 

We spoke about new  religion 'photo of  the  food  befor  eating'. You  don't pray  befor  the  table, nowadays everyone bless the  food with  making  picture of  it. So the  tradition of repast lost their value. So we recreated the  picture of  foodselfy, using the  rubbish and  everything what we  found on  the  street.

Another problem  was  the  jealousy and  passion of modern people, everybody want to be  reach and  famouse, got  the  fake lips and 1 million  flowers everyday and  do  nothing. In  that  case we  recreated the picture of  famous  barby girl with  her  selfy. On  the photo we showed the real condition of  that  girl. Because nobody think that  she  is  unhappy or  crying  everyday, because people see  the  beautifull picture and  think that  they  know  everything. 


RIGHT - is recreated picture, made  of  our  group.

While  we  had  time, i  was  trying to create another  idea of  mine, about political projection. Politics associated with dirty hands and sweet lie. First  of  all  i  was  thinking  about icecream with poison syrup, like you  see  the  beautiful and  tasty  icecream and  don't  recognese how poison it  is. And the  second  idea about dirty hands which touching the  sociaty and  leave the dirty  prints on  it.  

23  september 2014

Today  was  typographic task "A4 TYPE". We was  trying to  create the  letterforms  in  different  techiques and  styles, began with the small size and  finished with A4 format. We had  to  use  only paper as  material and 4  techniques of  process: cutting, tearing, folding and creasing, so  my  biggest wish to work with  paper cutting came  true!!!!

I  was  trying to  find  a  technique and  shose  a name  for  my  "typeface".  Then i  found  a  relevant location in  which i shoot my  letters. I  didn't have  anough time for  this  project, that  is  why  the  quality of letters wasn't  accurate, and it  was  stuped to  put  the  word "grass" on  the  grass. But i  think it  because  i  didn't clearly  understood the  task. 

25  september 2014

Today we created an image using a combination of linocut/monoprint illustrations and letterpress text to explore a narrative of our choice.
The wood block letters were available in all forms  from incomplete alphabets. They have lost the ability to spell whole words so our task was to make visual stories, sounds and characters by exploring illustration, composition, colour, repeat and sequence. 

I felt  like in TV show "podium" , where you have limited number of  materials and  only  2  houres for  the  project. Don't like this  stress and frames. Sometimes you  just  need  a  time to  understand what you  want  to  create and  got that materials what  you  need, not  what you can  catch in fighting with other students. 

And i  need to  start reading the  task befor the  lesson in  case to  understand  the  ditales. Maybe  to  try create  something  at  home.

1. LETTERPRESS. While i cut my lino, all wood blockes were make out, so when i came to the  table (with all materials) i found only small pieces of wood letters, i  didn'h have  a  chance, we got  only 1  hour for  the  task, so i  was trying to create something with what a  had. 

2. LINOCUTTING. It was the  second task and  i  really enjoyed it, and  if  i  got  more time, the  quality of  picture would be better, and maybe i cut  something different. 

3. MONOPRINT ILLUSTRATION. It  was  the  hardest task for  me, because i  didn't understand how  to do the  monoprint during the  whole lesson, and when i got an  idea it  was late, so  i  had to do everything quickly. The  first  draft i did  wrong, so a  new one  became very simple because of limited  time. 

29 september 2014

Observe – body, space, time.

In this project we were trying to introduce to some of the working processes of Performance Design and
Practice. We learned about developing visual content of a performance,
manipulating the body, collaborating with others, working with scale and timeboard.

As  a  dancer and  choreographer i  used to work with movement, body, music, lights  and  so  on, but todays  task was  about  shadows and  composition which we  were  trying  to  bild in  a  small group with  given  music. It  was interesting  and  quiet hard to understand and to  choose the  main  idea for our subject. The  music  was  very depression and  sad  with  cronks  of crows. We were  trying to find  a  starting  point for our scenario and made the  perfomance with fabric, balloon and light. 

30 september 2014


Today was  the  very  important  day, we  started to  work  with the  body in  Performance, in  other words with  costume design.  During the  presantation of  the  most famous artists i  understood that i  really wa nt to  work in  this sphere and  doing  something by myself (handmade). We  were drawing each  other in  movement (door,wheel, table) and  than projecting the  costume according to body language and psychology. 

1 october 2014


It's so  sad that  we  got  only  30 minutes of  working  with  sawing and  knitting machine. 

2 october 2014


During the  whole day our  group was doing sketches of given words. In my  team we  got  the  word 'bustling' (busy), so  it  was  hard  to  find  outside busy objects during  the  lesson, but topic was interesting to  find  out. Then we  got  a  task to create  a  spase according to  drawings. We chose a wire material because everything in  our  sketchbooks had drawn by one  black  line.

Everybody were trying to  bild an apartment  made  of  tables and  fabric, but our  word  was  simmilar with the  stress and mess, so  we  did a decoration which reminded a  hat, made  of  black wire. In front of  the  nose  we made a  big mess, so if  someone would wearing this  accessorize,  it will  be  hard for  him  to  relax, person would like to  concentrate, but it  would  be  imposible because of  the messy staff. So he will be very  busy ....

6 October 2014


(What is Human Being & Being Human?)


Todays  project is based on a theme which we had to  explore and develop with  a range of ideas. We  got  a  task to consider, explore and attempt to explain what it is to be a human being and what being human might imply.

The project is based on artist Ryan Gander’s Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, in which anthropologists from outer space set out on a mission to understand life on earth through an investigation into contemporary art objects.

We considered  physiological and psychological aspects of humanity, and were trying to find ways of exploring and interpreting ideas through a range of media.

I found it very interesting to create and research without any  rules. Firstly I  started with my chosen object it was a silastic container for the liquid (it can be helpful if you draw with aquarelle). I need to draw the  object in  different ways and  positions writing characteristics in the  same time. From the  first side it was hard  to make out  the main intent of that object, so people who saw it at first time were perplex. 


1. Dark green colour, without edgy angles, looks like a  flower.

2. It smells like a  rubber, but  when you touch it feels like a  soft  silastic.

3. This object is 8,05 sm height and about 10 sm width (if it's open), got very flexible shape, can be container for water or for the stationery. 

4. Can transform. 

5. Got a few levels, so you can transform  it  in  anyway you  want. 

After this process we gave our works and objects to the neighbours  for  the feedback. They were trying to represent our objects in different ways with drawings, 3D sculptures, cutting and so on. Everybody created a   logo  on the small sheet of paper, so the final picture of my object was close to the  flower, so i thought about ROSE. 

Flower is  a  symbol of  the women energy and the  'mask' in  the  same  time, which women's wearing everyday. Everybody  can see a  beauty, but nobody can see what is  inside. So i   started  to  think  about reflection of  the mirrors as the  main idea for  the  starting  point  and  only  after  about roses which  can  be a part of  my object. 

7 October 2014

The second day of  the Fine Art Project. Still no rules and frames. But  today we were deeply reaserch  the  question of  'what is to  be a human being?'.  I had a brain shtorming and a long discussion with tutor which helped me to  understand the way of  thinking and a my  starting point. I chose philosophy meaning of human being. What if we compare a human with inanimate object? What it  could  be?

Human like a  glass of water. Everybody born  full of water but  during the  life society is drinking from this glass and  human think that he became empty, that is  why people trying to  put  something  inside of  the  glass to   feel themselves full again. It  could be  a  sugar (engorgement), coffee (cigarets, drugs, and  so  on),  alcohol and  everything what  can help to feel them better for  a  short  period until they'll got  a  new  depression. Afterwords they  don't like their life, people do  not appreciate their view of  thinking so people are holed up in their own small world. They construct a beautiful jail made  of  mirrors, so they can  see everybody but  no one can see them. And  it's more than  80% of  people  around  the  world. 

8 october 2014

Today i've got enough time for researching and  developing my fine art project. For tomorrow we  need to do the homework (to create a present for an aliens). This topic is  so huge, so i  didn't know how to  start and what to  choose. In  the  afternoon i  went to  the  British museum to catch an inspiration and it was timely. I  found a  lot  of interesting  shapes and  ideas in Egypt and China sections. I think that Humans bodies (to  be accurate 'the naked bodies') are very beautiful and be created by the nature.  So  i  can  mix the  body and  the  nature in  my  graphic drawings. 

9 october 2014

It was the  most interesting day for  me. We got  the  whole day for  creating our last  projects. I continued  work with my home  present. It was graphic drawings with naked women and nature. Why did  i  chose a women like a  main object for  my drawings? Firstly i  think that the women is a  nature wonderful creation, everything starts from her, she  is  a  mother and can birth  a  baby, she can create a  new  life. Sometimes we  can  hear the  phrase 'mother nature', so now i can understand why it make sense. I was trying to draw without any plan, just "how it  goes", because sometimes it's better when you go with the current. 


13  october 2014



This project had a textiles based outcome and builds on our drawing and making skills combined with image and surface manipulation. We got  a limited range of materials with different qualities to push further our creative outcomes. We was trying to  introduce different kinds of techniques: to drawing, mark making, hand stitch & placement techniques.

We had to make selective judgments with the qualities being viewed and handled; surface, texture, tone, shape, silhouette, weight and colour.

We started work in groups of  5 with given materials. First step was a  task to create an installation using only rope and different small objects. It was entertaining process and we  made a  structure very quickly. Surely it's always hard  for  me  to  work in a  team, because you don't have  a  freedom and  ability to do what axactly you  want, but it's a part of educational process, so i  need to  find an advantages and  use  it. 

The hardest part, but the  most profitable for  my  skills was the  quick sketches in the sketchbook. There  were  a  lot  of  techniques and all of  them got the  main rule: "Not to look into the  paper", drawing with outline, only negative space, only shape, only model, and  so  on. I  didn't understood why do  we  need to  draw everything  without  looking? It is  not  beautiful at  all, why  we can't just make everything  by using our best skills? But afterwords it became clear to  me, that  you  need  to  improve everything what is hard for  you, because it can  be helpful in  a  future and  make  your  style and technique  more qualitative.

In  the  end  of the  lesson we did a  collage by using our earlier sketches. The final work showed us that the  'ugly' drawings can  be  a  painting for the  textile and a  printing for  the  future clothes. Wow. I  need to  practice more with  different techniques at  home thereto be qualify.


14 october 2014


Lesson startes with a choice of 3 models for the 1 st task. Then we created a style by using our own clothes which we took from home. The task was to create a look on these models and make a quick sketches. We drew by using different techniques and varied stock of materials which helped to intersperse our works.

I recognized that during the lesson i did't draw good because of the stress. We got maximum 7 minutes to make a sketch, so i was bushed. But that's mean that i need to work harder with my skills and pick up how to translate my observational marks into illustrative outcomes in a short time.

16 october 2014


Today we started by drawing everyday shapes and structures in the local area. The first part of  the  lesson was outside of  the  uni, we  went around in search of inspiring shapes of the architecture.  complete all drawings in our sketchbooks.

From that drawings we started work  on the body, created a simple shapes by manipulating paper and card, our task was to explore Form, Shape and Silhouette.

It  was  my  favorite day. The whole lesson it was  very interesting to explore  a  new  ways  of  thinking  and  develop following  ideas. During  the day we  saw slightly changes of  our  projects the way from architecture to a clothes. 

I liked to  create a  new  shapes on  the  body by  using  only piece of  paper. I  got  an  idea to  try  the  same  technique  at  home but by  using fabric. 


When  i  came  home i  was  trying to sketch the body shape with  similar timeline,  but without stress. The  result was  amazing, during the  same  period of  time, but without panic i  drew much better then on  the  lesson. It's mean  that  i  need to  practice more  with  outline/silhouette drawing in  case not  to  be  worried in  the  future and make everything quickly and qualitative. 


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