Nowadays the interest of modern arts grows on everyone. And i’m not an exception from the rule. It was quiet hard to find a gallery which i didn’t see in London, and which other students wouldn’t use for their reviews. 

From the first side i didn’t recognize that the small, cosi, brick chalet with modern glassy doors could be a beautiful gallery. But that house which settle down in tod was an art school too, where everyone from child to adult can pick up a draw, sculpture, paint and other skills.

     This gallery got only 2 floors. The library and the cafe situated on the first floor, where you can find small garden in the middle of the house, which is comfortable for eating, reading or drawing at the same time. There are a lot of trees and big glade outside of the eatting space which hide a lot of secrets.

Nature and it's ephemeral magic is  the focus of a major exhibition of work by influential British artist Shelagh Wakely (1932-2011). Across all the galleries and  the  garden, the  exhibition brings together works including the breadth of  media like printing, video, unfired clay sculptures, ceramics, and exploratory drawings.

Wakeley was  a pioneer of installation art. Her practice was characterised  by  a delicate touch, tracing the shifting behavior of  light and observations of  nature. She  used only organic materials inclined to weathering and deterioration, her sculptures conjure a sense of temporality, and  movement. 

My favorite installation of Shelagh Wakely ‘Rainsquare’ (1994) situated in the middle of the galleries garden. Made of glass and aluminum leaf, leastways 20 years ago. Originally this project installed at the South London Gallery, the aluminum leaf has been left to interact with, and be changed by, the weather , allowing the silver patterns to display traces of falling rain. 

     When i saw that work at the first time, i thought that it's chessboard from the ‘Alise in wonderland’ story. I really liked the idea to show the installation outside of the gallery under the sky on the grass. And i prefer to  work with  glass and  mirrors, so her projects were very close to my  mood. After this exhibition i  understood that  i  can use my garden  as  well. It can become a  site for experimentation, collaboration and i can think through making. Besides I can use every surface i want and don't be scare to  try something new with  it.

I think that Camden Art Center is  the  best place for study. You've got enough space for work and a  quite background which wouldn't disturb you. There is a  library on the  first floor which  can  be  useful, the small garden where you  can have a  coffee break and continue working. It's very good  place for yang artists, center got  a  special lessons for developing children skills  in  Art. And you  can exhibit your  own works, because Camden Art Center trying  to  help unbeknown artist to be distinguished.

Do i  want to come  back in  this  center? Totally yes! 




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